The Music Video: Civil War

In February half term, 2012, a group of disabled and non-disabled young people got together to make a music video. They took inspiration from the Siege of Gloucester, which provided all the conflict they needed for a dynamic rap.

The group laid down lyrics and vocals in the studio, put their raps to music, and then performed for the music video, which was shot in Gloucester.

The Music Video was funded through the Of Course We Can programme through Active Impact.


In 1643 the decision was made
To take over Gloucester on August the 8th
They surrounded Gloucester from North to South Gate
But Massey and his men stopped them in their way

They told Gloucester to surrender
Massey refused, he had a different agenda
So the royalists dug in the South of the city
Setting up positions of artillery
We burnt houses down outside the wall
The Royals could'nt cover, hide or stall
We attacked the royals, took prisoners tools
We blocked the gate so they looked like fools.

In Gloucester they built a wall
High as the sky it was very tall
They built the wall to keep the baddies out
Let us in they scream and shout
No no go away
No no go away
No no go away
Go away
Go away

The cannon was fired with little effect
Poor pig was killed which the soldiers ate
Humpty dumpty wasn't really an egg
It was a cannon as heavy as lead
Ammunition sailed up the river Severn
From the South West in Cornwall and Devon
Bullets lit up in the night sky
Shooting stars that would catch your eye 


The defenders dug a mine
The royalists resigned when the Essex arrived
The royalists lost a 1000 men
and the royalists never came back again